Research-based educational materials about Food Preservation and Storage from the OSU Extension Catalog

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PNW 214-S
Published May 2020
Cover image of "Canning Timer & Checklist App" publication
PNW 689
Revised March 2020
Image of Freezing Fruits and Vegetables publication
PNW 214
Revised September 2018
Cover image of "Canning Meat, Poultry, and Game"
PNW 361
Revised March 2018
Cover image of "Canning Seafood" publication
PNW 194
Revised November 2016
cover image of "Pickling Vegetables"
PNW 355
Revised August 2015
Cover for Spanish version of Canning Vegetables
PNW 172-S
Revised March 2015
Cover image of "Guardado de frutas en conserva" publication
PNW 199-S
Published March 2015
Image of Making Garlic- and Herb-Infused Oils at Home publication
PNW 664
Published October 2014
Image of "Recetas de salsa para guardar en conserva" publication
PNW 395-S
Revised September 2014
Image of Salsa Recipes for Canning publication
PNW 395
Revised June 2014
Image of Canning Smoked Fish at Home publication
PNW 450
Revised February 2014