Research-based educational materials about Health and Wellness from the OSU Extension Catalog

Whole grain foods fight inflammation
EM 9382
Published February 2023
EM 9376
Published November 2022
A healthy salad
EM 9367
Published September 2022
EM 9351
Published April 2022
4-h food and fun nutrition activity photo girl with leaf in mouth
4-H 9332
Published January 2022
buckets used as toilets, a box of latex gloves
EM 9334
Published October 2021
School cubbies for student belongings
PNW 756
Published September 2021
Publication cover
EM 9287-S
Published September 2021
Cover image of "Pantry Pest Guide"
PNW 729
Published February 2020
cover of 4-H Food and Fun Fitness
4-H 9331
Published November 2019
EM 9218
Published September 2018
Image of Pare los Gérmenes: Lávese las Manos! publication
EC 1551-S
Published June 2006
Image of Stop Germs: Kitchen Mistakes publication
EC 1553
Published June 2006