Research-based educational materials about Vegetables (Gardening) from the OSU Extension Catalog

EM 8777-17
Revised May 2018
Cover image of "Grow Your Own Rhubarb"
EC 797
Revised February 2017
Image of Cultive sus Propios Tomates y Tomatillos publication
EC 1333-S
Revised September 2014
Image of Grow Your Own Tomatoes and Tomatillos publication
EC 1333
Revised September 2014
Publication cover
EM 8777-10
Revised April 2011
Publication cover
EM 8777-08
Revised March 2009
Image of Propagating Plants from Seed publication
PNW 170
Revised February 2009
EM 8777-06
Revised March 2007
Image of Cultive sus Propios Chiles publication
EC 1227-S
Published October 2006
EM 8777-05
Revised March 2006
Image of Vegetable Gardening in Oregon publication
EC 871
Revised August 2005
EM 8777-04
Revised March 2005
EM 8777-03
Revised April 2004
EM 8777-02
Revised March 2003