Research-based educational materials about Fruits and Nuts (Gardening) from the OSU Extension Catalog

vigorous and semi vigorous rootstocks
PNW 619
Revised September 2021
Cover image of publication
EM 9322
Published May 2021
growing blueberries in your home garden, most of Oregon
EC 1304
Revised December 2020
Growing Blackberries cover
EC 1303
Revised September 2020
Cover of Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden
EC 1306
Revised August 2020
Cover photo of growing strawberries in your home garden
EC 1307
Revised July 2020
Image of Raspberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest publication
PNW 655
Published February 2014
Image of Blackberry Cultivars for Oregon publication
EC 1617
Revised January 2014