Research-based educational materials about Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees from the OSU Extension Catalog

cover file for growing kiwifruit
EM 9322
Published May 2021
EM 9136 cover Water-wise gardening Central Oregon
EM 9136
Revised June 2020
Cover image of "Beware of Boxwood Blight!" publication
EM 9141
Published April 2016
Cover image of Selecting, Planting, and Caring for a New Tree publication
EC 1438
Published March 2016
Cover image of "Conserving Water in Your Yard and Garden" publication
EM 9125
Published November 2015
Cover Image of  "Stop the Spread of Sudden Oak Death"
EC 1608
Revised October 2015
cover image of "Growing Hops in the Home Garden" publication
EM 9115
Published July 2015
Image of Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests publication
EC 1640
Published September 2013
Image of Understanding Names of Oregon Trees publication
EC 1502
Revised April 2012
Image of Propagating Plants from Seed publication
PNW 170
Revised February 2009