Research-based educational materials about Irrigation from the OSU Extension Catalog

Cover image of "Using Irrigation Water Legally"
EC 1650
Published June 2017
EM 8782-S
Published March 2013
EM 8782
Revised March 2013
EM 8901
Revised January 2013
Cover image of "Successful Potato Irrigation Scheduling" publication
EM 8911
Revised January 2013
Cover image of "Drip Irrigation Guide for Potatoes" publication
EM 8912
Revised January 2013
cover image of "La poliacrilamida: Una solución para la erosión" publication
EM 8958-S
Published January 2009
Cover image of "El dilema del fósforo"
EM 8939-S
Published January 2009
cover image of "Make Polyacrylamide Work for You" publication
EM 8958
Published May 2008
Cover image of "Livestock Water Management During a Drought"
EM 8588
Revised January 2008