Research-based educational materials about Irrigation from the OSU Extension Catalog

Cover image of "Using Irrigation Water Legally"
EC 1650
Published June 2017
EM 8782-S
Published March 2013
EM 8782
Revised March 2013
EM 8901
Revised January 2013
EM 8911
Revised January 2013
EM 8912
Revised January 2013
EM 8958-S
Published January 2009
Cover image of "El dilema del fósforo"
EM 8939-S
Published January 2009
cover image of "Make Polyacrylamide Work for You" publication
EM 8958
Published May 2008
Cover image of "Livestock Water Management During a Drought"
EM 8588
Revised January 2008