Research-based educational materials about Berries and Grapes from the OSU Extension Catalog

Image of Blueberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest publication
PNW 656
Published February 2014
cover image of "Preventing Herbicide Drift and Injury to Grapes" publication
EM 8860
Revised February 2014
Image of Blackberry Cultivars for Oregon publication
EC 1617
Revised January 2014
EM 9070
Published June 2013
EM 9071
Published June 2013
cover image of "Scouting for Grape Powdery Mildew" publication
EM 9067
Published May 2013
Image of Growing Strawberries in Your Home Garden publication
EC 1307
Revised March 2013
Image of Growing Table Grapes publication
EC 1639
Published May 2011
EM 9021
Published December 2010
Cover image of "Oregon Cranberry Practices Calendar" publication
EM 8995
Published January 2010