Oregon 4-H General Resources from the OSU Extension Catalog
For members, parents, and volunteers

The OSU Extension Catalog lists 4-H materials published by the OSU Extension Service and Pacific Northwest publishing cooperative. For complete lists of all materials used in Oregon 4-H projects, including record sheets and exhibit documents, visit the Oregon 4-H projects webpages.

These 4-H materials are intended for use only by officially enrolled 4-H members and volunteers. For more information, or to enroll in 4-H, contact your local OSU Extension office.

Cover image of "4-H Club Officer Handbook" publication
4-H 600-01
Published October 2018
Cover image of "A Youth Leadership Guide for 4-H Club Meetings" publication
4-H 600-02
Published October 2018
Image of Starting a 4-H Club or Group publication
4-H 0272L
Revised April 2012
Image of Opportunities for 4-H Members publication
4-H 0275L
Revised December 2011
Image of 4-H: A Family Program publication
4-H 0279L
Revised February 2011
Image of Facts About 4-H publication
4-H 0244L
Revised January 2011
Image of 4-H Secretary's Book publication
4-H 036
Revised January 2007
Image of Leadership and Teaching Techniques publication
4-H 0274L
Revised January 2005
Image of 4-H Welcomes You/Bienvenidos publication
4-H 0301
Published September 2002