Oregon 4-H Knitting and Crocheting project materials from the OSU Extension Catalog

The OSU Extension Catalog lists 4-H materials published by the OSU Extension Service and Pacific Northwest publishing cooperative. For complete lists of all materials used in Oregon 4-H projects, including record sheets and exhibit documents, visit the Oregon 4-H projects webpages.

These 4-H materials are intended for use only by officially enrolled 4-H members and volunteers. For more information, or to enroll in 4-H, contact your local OSU Extension office.

Image of 4-H Knitting Member Guide publication
4-H 960
Published August 2008
Image of 4-H Crocheting Project Member Guide publication
4-H 962
Published August 2008
Image of 4-H Knitting Skills publication
4-H 961
Published November 2005
Image of Oregon 4-H Knitting Leader Guide publication
4-H 960L
Published November 2005
Image of 4-H Crocheting Leader's Guide publication
4-H 962L
Revised July 1997