Oregon 4-H Foods and Nutrition and Food Preservation project materials from the OSU Extension Catalog

The OSU Extension Catalog lists 4-H materials published by the OSU Extension Service and Pacific Northwest publishing cooperative. For complete lists of all materials used in Oregon 4-H projects, including record sheets and exhibit documents, visit the Oregon 4-H projects webpages.

These 4-H materials are intended for use only by officially enrolled 4-H members and volunteers. For more information, or to enroll in 4-H, contact your local OSU Extension office.

4-h food and fun nutrition activity photo girl with leaf in mouth
4-H 9332
Published January 2022
This is the cover for 4-H 93320, Food Preservation, Junior/Senior Level
4-H 93330
Revised February 2021
This is the cover of 4-H 9331L, the 4-H Food Preservation Leader's Guide.
4-H 9331L
Revised February 2017
This the cover of 4H 93310, 4H Food Preservation for the junior level.
4-H 93310
Revised February 2017
Image of Glossary of Food Terms publication
4-H 93111
Published February 2006
Image of Choosing and Using Recipes publication
4-H 93112
Published May 2004