EESC collaborates with OSU Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station faculty to communicate the results and importance of their work through research-based learning materials in a variety of media.

This project proposal form is the best way to start working with us on most communication projects.

If you have an idea for a project, please consult with your Extension program leader and then submit this proposal form. You’ll receive immediate confirmation that we received your proposal and a nicely formatted copy of the information for your records.

Please submit the proposal as you're planning your project, before you start drafting text, creating content, or writing your grant. That way, you and your EESC project manager can discuss ideas and address any questions.

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Contact Information (step 1 of 5)
The corresponding author is the liaison between coauthors and EESC.
You and the corresponding author will receive confirmation of this proposal submission.
The OSU Extension program leader for this area will receive a summary of your project proposal.
Project Information (step 2 of 5)
Briefly describe this project and why it's important. Limit: 150 words.
Consider size, demographics, learning needs, interest and motivation, technology use and access, etc.
Pacific Northwest (PNW) Extension publications are produced cooperatively by the three PNW land-grant universities (Oregon State University, Washington State University, University of Idaho). This prevents duplication of effort, broadens the availability of faculty specialists, and can reduce costs.
Project Scope (step 3 of 5)
Check all that apply.
Consider your own needs (for workshops, etc.) and demand from clients and other stakeholders.
Small (for example, a few-page factsheet, a 1-minute video or audio file). Medium (for example, a 20- to 40-page publication, a series of short videos, a single learning module). Large (for example, a manual or handbook, a website, an app, a series of learning modules).
If no: No worries. We still work on unfunded and centrally funded projects. Your project manager will give you more information and discuss options.
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