About this form

This form is for OSU Extension employees who wish to publish peer-reviewed educational materials in the Extension Catalog.

Who can submit a request?

Someone on your project team needs to have an OSU Extension appointment.

Preliminary consultation welcome

Early consultations with our team can be a helpful step before you begin drafting content. If you have questions about the publishing process or want to talk through ideas for content, design, format or delivery methods, contact us to set up an appointment to talk with a member of our team.

See also the Author's Guide to PNW Extension Publishing.

What do I need to do before submitting this request?

  1. Consult with your Extension program leader to make sure your publishing idea is in line with program priorities and goals.
  2. Write your publication and assemble the photos, graphics or illustrations for it.
  3. Submit your work for peer review. Your program leader manages the peer review process.
  4. Once your project is peer reviewed and revised to the reviewers’ satisfaction, fill out this form and submit it.

What happens after I submit my request?

  1. After you submit this form, your program leader will be asked to confirm that they support the project and that it has completed the peer review process. We won’t start work on your project until we receive that confirmation.
  2. After we receive confirmation from your program leader, a project manager will contact you with details about submitting your materials. Once we’ve reviewed your materials, we’ll provide a timetable for completing it.
  3. Due to current project volume and capacity, it may be three to six months before we can begin work on your publication. After that, the average timelines for projects is as follows:
    • Small projects (up to 20 pages): 6–8 weeks
    • Medium projects (20– 50 pages) : 8-12 weeks
    • Large projects (over 50 pages): 6 months to a year
  4. If you need a project completed sooner, contact publishing leader Jim Sloan to discuss how we can help you.

What happens after a project is done?

Projects go into the OSU Extension Catalog, which is integrated with the OSU Extension website. Pacific Northwest (PNW) titles are also listed in Washington State University's and the University of Idaho's Extension catalogs. We will send you a link to your project that you can post, promote and share. For Catalog content, Extension Communications contacts you every four years to confirm if the content is still accurate or if revisions are needed.

Other collaborations with Extension Communications

Here’s a quick guide for how to contact our team regarding non-Catalog questions or requests:

About you (step 1 of 5)
The project contact is the liaison to Extension Communications.
Someone on your project team needs to have an OSU Extension appointment.
Please list all names and affiliations of your team members (coauthors) in the order in which their names should appear in the publication. Follow this format:
Name, Extension title (if any) and academic title (if any), location (county or department), Oregon State University.
Ana Schmidt, Extension 4-H Latino outreach coordinator, Benton County, Oregon State University
Robin Rosetta, Extension entomologist and associate professor, North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Oregon State University
The appropriate program leader will be asked to confirm their support for this project and verify that it has been peer reviewed.
About your project (step 2 of 5)
Briefly describe this project and why it's important. Limit: 150 words.
Consider size, demographics, learning needs, interest and motivation, technology use and access, etc.
What you'd like to do (step 3 of 5)
Check all that apply.
Consider your own needs (for workshops, etc.) and demand from clients and other stakeholders.
Pacific Northwest (PNW) Extension publications are produced cooperatively by the three PNW land-grant universities (Oregon State University, Washington State University, University of Idaho). This prevents duplication of effort.
Your timeframe (step 4 of 5)
Anything else we need to know (step 5 of 5)
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