Topic Series # Title
Natural Resources EM 9334 Survival Basics: Sanitation and Waste Management
Natural Resources EM 9339 Prescribed Fire: Why We Burn
Natural Resources EM 9342 Smoke Management
Natural Resources EM 9340 The Ecological Effects of Fire
Natural Resources EM 9341 Fire Behavior
Natural Resources EM 9356 Fostering Stewardship: A How-to Guide for Trainers
Outdoor Recreation EC 1450 Trees to Know in Oregon and Washington
Outdoor Recreation EC 1502 Understanding Names of Oregon Trees
Outdoor Recreation EC 1640 Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests
Outdoor Recreation EM 9104 Woodland Ponds: A Field Guide
Outdoor Recreation PNW 675 Best Management Practices for Construction of Sand-based Athletic Fields for Football and Soccer
Outdoor Recreation PNW 676 Best Management Practices for Maintaining Sand-based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields
Russian-Language Materials EC 1551-R Stop Germs: Wash Your Hands (Russian translation)
Russian-Language Materials EC 1552-R Stop Germs: Kitchen Cleanup (Russian translation)
Russian-Language Materials EC 1553-R Stop Germs: Kitchen Mistakes (Russian translation)
Russian-Language Materials EM 8903-R Ежевика и Малина (Caneberries, Russian translation)
Spanish-Language Materials 4-H 0301 4-H Welcomes You/Bienvenidos
Spanish-Language Materials EC 1333-S Cultive sus Propios Tomates y Tomatillos
Spanish-Language Materials EC 1227-S Cultive sus Propios Chiles
Spanish-Language Materials DVD 4 Bienvenidos a 4-H