Topic Series # Title
Video EM 9118 Integrated Pest Management: Monitoring Diseases In The Field
Video EM 9119 Integrated Pest Management: Pest Management Integration
Video EM 9121 Integrated Pest Management: Using A Plant Press
Video EM 9122 Integrated Pest Management: How to Identify a Plant or Weed
Video EM 9145 Dissecting Honey Bees for Tracheal Mites
Video EM 9146 Nosema Analysis in Honey Bees
Video EM 9147 Sampling for Varroa Mites from a Honey Bee Brood Nest
Video SERIES 3 Oregon's Outback: A Video Library
Video PNW 712 Scheduling Irrigation with a Pressure Chamber (Part 1)
Video PNW 713 Scheduling Irrigation with a Pressure Chamber (Part 2)
Video EM 9220 How do I know if my tree is healthy?
Video EM 9257 Tackling Potato Virus Y, a Persistent Problem in Potato Production
Video EM 9258 The Colorado Potato Beetle in the Columbia Basin
Video EM 9259 The Impacts of Bacterial Soft Rot Pathogens of Potato
Video EM 9290 Buenas Practicas en el Campo Para Trabajadores Agrícolas/Good Field Practices for Food Safety