The cover of PNW 768

Market Poultry Lesson Plans: From Egg To Animal

Raising animals is one of the foundational learning experiences for 4-H youth. Chickens are fairly easy for children to start with, but there is a learning curve. This bulletin conveniently compiles all the information and resources needed to meet that curve as a club activity. Studded with multiple research-based lesson plans (paired with numerous hands-on activities), the 156-page curriculum thoroughly prepares instructors to build childrens’ knowledge of poultry husbandry at a Level 1, including maintaining a budget; identifying and managing the necessary equipment and facilities; understanding poultry anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health and biosecurity, reproduction, conformation and selection; preparing the birds for exhibition; and learning how to involve and attract sponsors.

PNW 768    Published May 2023    156 pages


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