Pantry Pest guide

The purpose of this guide is to help residents in the Pacific Northwest to identify common insect pests that occur in pantries and kitchens. This guide is not meant to be all inclusive, but is meant to cover the most common-occurring species you may encounter.

PNW 729    Published February 2020    2 pages


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Only 1 star because, in spite of considerable useful info, the text is impossible to read e.g. white text on gold background. Likewise the charts score very low in readability due to small font and gold color. Bottom line: Senior eyes, especially, will strain to the max and end up tossing an otherwise nice brochure.
Jean Natter, OS...
This is ultra helpful! Thank you
This publication does not mention the effective method of destroying pantry pests including their larvae by freezing dry foods (such as spices, flour, whole grains, mixes, dried fruits, nuts, dog food) for several days or preventing infestation by storing dry foods in the freezer.
Jeanne Brandt, ...

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