Cherry Training Systems

This publication describes the seven major pruning systems used in commercial cherry tree orchards in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Michigan. Cherry growers around the world use many training systems, both supported and freestanding. This publication describes the commercially successful systems known as Kym Green Bush (KGB), Spanish Bush (SB), Steep Leader (SL), Super Slender Axe (SSA), Tall Spindle Axe (TSA), Upright Fruiting Offshoots (UFO), Upright Fruiting Offshoots “Y” Trellis (UFO-Y) and Vogel Central Leader (VCL), all of which can be achieved with a whip (vs. feathered) nursery tree. Choosing the right system depends on growing conditions, variety, rootstock, labor availability, and management skills. This training manual provides information needed to choose a training system for new plantings. It also provides important plant-spacing requirements and pruning guidelines through the first three years of a tree’s life.

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PNW 667    Published June 2015    63 pages
July 2019
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