Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

As homeowners continue to build in the wild and urban interface, they must take special precautions to protect their homes. One way to do this is to create a defensible space around the home, and one important factor can be using fire-resistant plants in landscaping. While taking actions to create a defensible space do not ensure that your home will survive a wildfire, they substantially increase the chances. This publication provides a diverse list of plants that are both fire resistant and attractive. Plants are listed by categories: ground cover, perennials, shrubs, and trees. You can order printed copies for $3 each or download a free PDF by clicking on the PDF button.

PNW 590    Published August 2006    48 pages
July 2020


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Excellent resource! Our HOA (89 townhouse units) landscape committee is going to re-plant some of our bark mulch areas with fire-resistant groundcovers. This publication is S0 helpful!
An excellent publication for our fire prone areas, but as it says, fire-resistant doesn't mean fire proof.
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