Apple Scab

Apple scab is a significant problem in the climate of the Pacific Northwest. This publication discusses the symptoms of the disease and the pathogen and disease cycle. Recommends controls and spray timings. Rates susceptibility and resistance to scab of some apple and flowering crabapple cultivars.

PNW 582    Published December 2005    4 pages


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This looks like a good publication, but why does Oregon's Ext Svc connect to a WSU publication that I can't see or download without creating a WSU account? Guest checkout doesn't work - doesn't ask for ZIP code, then says ZIP code doesn't work. Thanks!
Megan Gerber
Hi Megan, This was published jointly with WSU. Since the lead author is from WSU, their catalog hosts the publication. If you click on the image of the publication on the WSU site, it will bring you to a page with a "download now" button. Sorry it's not clear how to access it from the WSU site.
Pete Petryszak

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