Growing Kiwifruit

Good sources of Vitamin C, kiwifruit grow on vines, and will survive in the Northwest. Authors provide an evaluation of kiwi species they have tested. Site selection, vineyard planting and establishment, maintenance, harvest, and storage are covered. Authors offer sketches of trellis systems and vine training through the second year.

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This course provides home gardeners and small farmers with information needed to prune and train fuzzy kiwifruit and kiwiberry female and male vines during establishment and when mature. Winter, dormant pruning and summer pruning techniques are included.

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PNW 507    Revised April 2005    28 pages
May 2015


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Hello, what im not clear on, is just how many vines for each plant to trellis, two female one male? thank you, your information was great.
Rickie Schulte
1 male for every 6-10 females. Here is the link to where I found it.
very helpful and I love it.
phoebie walker-...
I give this research a thumbs up.
phillip woodrow

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