Growing Kiwifruit: A Guide to Kiwiberries and Fuzzy Kiwifruit for Pacific Northwest Producers

Oregon is a leading producer of kiwiberries, also known as hardy kiwifruit. Learn what cultivars work best for commercial production, and study research-based techniques for site selection, planting, maintenance, harvest and storage.

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Home gardeners and small farmers will learn to prune and train fuzzy kiwifruit and kiwiberry vines through all seasons and stages of growth.

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PNW 507    Revised March 2021    32 pages


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Hello, what im not clear on, is just how many vines for each plant to trellis, two female one male? thank you, your information was great.
Rickie Schulte
1 male for every 6-10 females. Here is the link to where I found it.
very helpful and I love it.
phoebie walker-...
I give this research a thumbs up.
phillip woodrow
Trying to learn.

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