Short-Season Vegetable Gardening

Pacific Northwest gardeners often find the climate too short to grow certain vegetables. Two horticulturists explain how to maximize a gardener's chances for success in the face of the vagaries of untimely frosts and snow and lower air and soil temperatures. Soil preparations, protective coverings, and mulches are discussed.

PNW 497    Published December 1996    8 pages


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I hope someone sees this comment. This publication is nearly 20 years out of date. It advocates using old tires and inner tubes as gardening aides. I believe the science no longer supports these items as acceptable in a vegetable garden.
Peggy, thank you. This has been in revision for three years now. I hope it gets done soon.
Is there a updated version of this available? Also, I live in Fort Klamath and am attempting a raised garden bed this year. I'm finding I SGILL can not put out my tomato plants, yellow squash or peppers or plant seeds in my raised garden bed. I e chosen seed varieties with 50-65 days of Harvest. Please advise. I'm hoping for a healthy Harvest!
Laura Howell

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