Image of 2014 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook publication

2014 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook

A comprehensive guide to plant disease management in the Pacific Northwest. Includes materials and tactics suitable for organic production and homeowner use as well as for commercial production. Covers testing services, common pathogens (e.g., nematodes, viruses, fungi, and bacteria, as well as Phytophthora diseases), nonpathogenic phenomena (e.g., thatch, algae, and lichens), and pesticides for disease control. Contains an alphabetical listing, by host plant, of diseases, including their causes, symptoms, and recommended cultural and chemical controls. Fully indexed. Updated biannually (March and August).

The August 2014 mid-year handbook update includes new and updated entries for black leg (phoma stem canker), light leaf spot, and white leaf spot and gray stem for various cruciferous crops throughout the Host and Disease Descriptions; updates to the Fungicides, Bactericides, and Nematicides and Biofungicides and Plant Activators Registered in Oregon tables; and minor copyedits to reference lists.

The handbook is 3-ring binder ready, published as a package with full-color slip cover and spine and 3-hole drilled body. Binder not included.

Plant    Revised August 2014    804 pages