Image of 4-H Leathercraft Project Manual publication
4-H 7501
Published October 1998
Image of How to Make a Rope Halter publication
4-H 104
Published July 1998
Cover image of "Western Oregon Irrigation Guides" publication
EM 8713
Published June 1998
EM 8710
Published June 1998
Image of Pruning to Restore an Old, Neglected Apple Tree publication
EC 1005
Revised February 1998
Image of Picking and Storing Apples and Pears publication
FS 147
Revised October 1997
Image of Rabbit Wall Chart Leader Guide publication
4-H 1602L
Published July 1997
Image of 4-H Crocheting Leader's Guide publication
4-H 962L
Revised July 1997
Image of Oregon 4-H Leathercraft Leader Guide publication
4-H 750L
Revised July 1997
Image of Short-Season Vegetable Gardening publication
PNW 497
Published December 1996
Image of Manual for Judging Oregon Soils publication
Manual 6
Published November 1996
Image of Raising Ratites: Ostriches, Emu, and Rheas publication
PNW 494
Published July 1996
EM 8612
Published September 1995