Image of Manual for Judging Oregon Soils publication
Manual 6
Published November 1996
Image of Raising Ratites: Ostriches, Emu, and Rheas publication
PNW 494
Published July 1996
EM 8612
Published September 1995
Image of 4-H Pigeon and Dove Project publication
4-H 154
Revised July 1995
EM 8600
Published June 1995
Image of Cover Crops for Home Gardens publication
FS 304
Revised September 1994
Image of Hops Fertilizer Guide publication
FG 79
Published July 1994
Image of Home Moisture Problems publication
EC 1437
Published June 1994
4-H 33120
Published September 1993
4-H 1001L
Published September 1993
Image of New Pest Alert: Cherry Bark Tortrix Moth publication
EC 1409
Published June 1993
Image of Producing Transplants at Home publication
FS 225
Revised April 1993