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Water, Economics, and Climate Change in the Willamette Basin, Oregon

Climate change, population growth, and income growth have the potential to significantly affect the availability and use of water in the Willamette River Basin (WRB). The Willamette Water 2100 project (WW2100) was motivated in response to the need for individuals, communities, and governments across the WRB to better understand how the supply and demand for water will evolve and vary across space and time in coming decades. The WW2100 model allows us to project into the future the ways that changes in climate, population, and income from 2010 to 2100 will alter the supply, demand, allocation, and scarcity of water. This report describes results from the WW2100 model with a focus on its economic dimensions, that is, the impacts on people who live in the WRB.

EM 9157    Published February 2017    105 pages
January 2021


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