Fire-resistant Landscape Plants for the Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley is known for mild, wet winters, but summer droughts leave the valley as vulnerable to wildfires as drier areas of the state. Homeowners can decrease the potential for damage to their property from a wildfire by using fire resistant plants in landscaping. No plant is fire-proof, but some are considered fire resistant. This publication highlights fire-resistant plants that thrive in Willamette Valley growing conditions. It provides a diverse list of plants by category: groundcovers, perennials, woody shrubs and vines, and trees.

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EM 9103    Published February 2015    190 pages
February 2019


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This is a great resource - thank you!
This publication recommends "Dead Nettle Lamium spp." but some Lamiums are highly invasive. Carpet Bugleweed - Ajuga reptans - is also invasive. I don't trust this list!

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