Field Guide to Common Fish of the Willamette Valley Floodplain

This book contains descriptions of 15 native and 16 nonnative fish (including origin, distribution, key characteristics, size, distinguishing features, color, diet, and other remarks) found in the Willamette River Basin's seasonal watercourses, with over a hundred photos to aid in identification.

It also offers a succinct explanation of the Willamette River Basin's aquatic ecosystems and seasonal watercourses, and instructions for using the field guide and how to report a sighting.

The book measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches and is coil-bound across the top (long) edge. It is printed on durable, water-resistant paper.

Also available to download as a PDF.

EM 9091    Published June 2014    44 pages
March 2023


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Coho should be included. They are quite common and thriving in the Willamette floodplain
Jeremy Lees

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