Composting with Worms

This publication provides step-by-step methods for successful worm composting at home. It includes a concise explanation of specific worm physiology, kinds of bins to use and how to set them up, what to feed the worms, how to harvest the worm compost, and uses for worm compost. Vibrant pictures throughout help illustrate details.

EM 9034    Published October 2011    13 pages
October 2019


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Concerned about the promotion of epigenic worms in Oregon through vermicomposting. See: ‘Earthworm Dilemma’ Has Climate Scientists Racing to Keep Up
Christine Kidd
This is a great primer to worm composting so thank you to whoever created this and made it available as a free pdf download. This newbie greatly appreciated that and the fact that it covers everything I need to know to get started and for writing it in an easy to understand format. This is going to be my guide to start my own worm bin for plant care needs. I am going completely organic and this is going to really help with that. This is a good resource for anyone looking to start so I'd recommend downloading this.
i needed a peer-reviewed article for my science project and i thought Id never find one yall saved my life
worm enthusiast
Interested to find out more
Jackie Larkin

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