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Land Manager's Guide to Aspen Management in Oregon

Quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) is one of a few iconic trees that symbolize the spirit of the West. Though sparsely distributed throughout Oregon, aspen is an important species, providing a long history of benefits to both people and wildlife. "Quakies," as many call aspen, are well liked by ranchers, hunters, foresters, and city folk alike. Even so, this tree is declining throughout the West and has already disappeared from much of the landscape. Ensuring a future for aspen on working lands and wildlands will require efforts by landowners across the region.

Whether your interest is wildlife, aesthetics, or general land stewardship, maintaining and enhancing aspen on your property requires active management. If you are a landowner or a manager, this guide will help you improve management of your aspen.

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EM 9005    Published September 2010    80 pages
March 2023


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