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Ежевика и Малина (Caneberries, Russian translation)

Several types of caneberries are produced commercially in Oregon, including summer-bearing and primo cane fruiting red raspberries, black raspberries (blackcaps), and blackberries. This publication addresses nutrient assessment and application for caneberries produced in western Oregon.

In this area, caneberries typically are planted on Aloha, Jory, Newburg, Willamette, Woodburn, or Saum soils. Spacing usually is 2.5 ft x 10 ft for raspberries and 4 to 6 ft x 10 ft for blackberries. Recommendations in this publication are based on research and experience with caneberry production in this setting.

EM 8903-R    Published August 2013    11 pages
July 2021


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