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Commercial growers, gardeners, and homeowners use soil, plant, and water analyses to help them make decisions about the use of soil amendments and other management actions. Home- and business owners may also wish to test drinking water quality. In this guide, you will find a list of laboratories serving Oregon along with specific information about their laboratory services.

To compile this list, the authors requested information directly from laboratory managers. Neither Oregon State University nor the OSU Extension Service makes any endorsement by listing a laboratory, nor does omission of a laboratory indicate anything about the quality of its services. You can find other sources of laboratory services with an internet search or in the yellow pages.

Using a nutrient management guide

Collecting field pea tissue samples for nutrient analyses. Photo by Clare Sullivan, © Oregon State University.

Many growers use a crop-specific, OSU Extension Service nutrient management guide that states exactly which testing protocols formed the basis of its fertilization recommendation. To follow the nutrient management guide’s recommendation correctly, choose a lab that uses the same testing protocols. The results from an extraction method other than the one cited in the nutrient management guide may produce a different or unsupported fertilizer recommendation.

To make sure you can use your analytical lab results:

• Sample to the same depth or use the same plant part specified in the nutrient management guide.

• Make a composite sample from the recommended number of subsamples.

• Sample at the recommended time of year.

• Request the same analytical method that is stated in the nutrient management guide.

You can find nutrient management guides in the OSU Extension Service Catalog at https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/

Sampling for farms and gardens

Soil condition and plant stages vary depending on the season, their geographic location, or their position in the landscape. The usefulness of your lab results will vary depending on when, where, and how you collect the sample. See the OSU Extension Service publication, A Guide to Collecting Soil Samples for Farms and Gardens (EC 628) for more details. Local Extension faculty can also confirm that you are following standard sampling procedures.

If your main concern is to understand why plants don’t grow in a certain area, a soil or plant nutrient analysis might not answer all of your questions. It is recommended that you work with your local Extension faculty to assess potential barriers and develop a plan to resolve plant performance issues.

Testing for contaminants

Many people are concerned that plants, soils, and water have been contaminated with heavy metals. While many labs analyze for these contaminants, different methods produce different results. If your concern is environmental health, look for a certified lab that uses the methods similar to the standards set by health and safety regulations. You can find more detail about these methods, standards, and regulations in Reducing Lead Hazard in Gardens and Play Areas (EC 1616).

This publication’s list of labs includes services related to the overall health of the environment. The level of testing and services provided within each category varies between labs. Confirm that the lab you are interested in can give you the results you seek.

Many plant production and environmental problems are interrelated. Quality analytical results can improve management decisions, environmental conditions—and your economic bottom line. You can find details for well-water sampling and interpretation of well-water analyses in the Water Well Owner’s Handbook, A guide to water wells in Oregon (Oregon Health Authority).

Before you submit a sample

Consult your local OSU Extension Service faculty before you submit samples to a laboratory. They can help assure that the analysis you request will give you the information to support your management decisions.

Before submitting any sample, call the lab or visit the website for specifics about costs and payment, shipping instructions, the methods used for analysis, and their average turn-around time for results. Confirm that the lab contact understands what kind of decisions you want to make from your test results. This will ensure that you get the highest quality information from your investment.

Analytic labs can be accredited by professional organizations or participate in proficiency testing programs specific to the types of tests they perform. If you have questions about the accreditation of any laboratory, be sure to ask before submitting your samples.

Analytical Laboratories Serving Oregon

Services by laboratory

Detailed services are numbered 1 through 16. The key describing the services represented by each number is below the chart.


Soil testing

Water analysis

Plant analysis

Disease testing/identification




















A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories





AgSource Laboratories





ALS Environmental



Analytical Resources




AV Labs, Inc.





Basin Agri-Serve




Best-Test Analytical Services, LLC




Brookside Laboratories, Inc.




Cascade Analytical, Inc.





Dairy One Forage Lab




Dellavalle Laboratory, Inc.





Edge Analytical



Kuo Testing Laboratories, Inc.


Magic Valley Labs



Mukang Labs, Inc



Northwest Agricultural Consultants







Oregon State University — Soil Health Lab






Oregon State University — Cooperative Chemical Analytical Laboratory



Oregon State University — Endophyte Service Lab



Oregon State University — Plant Disease Clinic


Pacific Agricultural Laboratory




Soiltest Farm Consultants, Inc.





Specialty Analytical



Stukenholtz Laboratory, Inc.




Table Rock Labs



University of Idaho — Analytical Sciences Laboratory





USAg Analytical Services, Inc.




Utah State University Analytical Lab




Waterlab Corp.




Waypoint Analytical California, Inc.




Western Laboratories, Inc.



William F. Black Soil Testing




1. Full complement of agricultural soil tests

2. Agronomic recommend-ations based on soil test

3. Heavy metals

4. Contaminants (pesticides, other chemicals)

5. Soil health analysis

6. Analyze nutrient content of soil amends (manures, compost, feather meal, etc.)

7. Biological analyses (total or fecal coliform)

8. Pesticides or other contaminants

9. Nitrate, lead, metals

10. Irrigation water quality (hardness, pH, salts)

11. Plant tissue analysis for nutrient concentration

12. Provide agronomic recommendations based on tissue results

13. Analyze feed and forage (NDF/ADF, crude fiber, fat, protein, total ash)

14. Confirm presence of endophyte on ryegrass or fescue

15. Soil-borne pathogens (phytophthora, etc.)

16. Identify plant pathogens or diseases

Laboratory contact information

A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories

10220 SW Nimbus Ave., Bldg. K-9

Portland, OR 97223


Fax: 503-598-7702

Web: www.al-labs-west.com

Email: alportland@al-labs-west.com

Ag Source Laboratories

323 Sixth St. – P.O. Box 1350

Umatilla, OR 97882


Fax: 541-922-5496

Web: http://agsource.crinet.com/page3780/Umatilla-Locations

Email: umatilla@agscource.com

ALS Environmental

1317 South 13th Avenue

Kelso, WA 98626



Web: www.alsglobal.com

Email: kurt.clarkson@alsglobal.com

Analytical Resources

Susan Dunnihoo

4611 S 134th Place

Tukwila, WA 98168


Fax: 206-695-6201

Web: www.arilabs.com

Email: info@arilabs.com

AV Labs, Inc.

64 N. Broadway

Othello, WA 99344


Fax: 509-488-2473

Email: von@avlabsinc.com

Basin Agri-Serve

22109 Stateline Rd., P.O. Box R

Merrill, OR 97633


Fax: 541-798-5114

Email: basinagri@fireserve.net

Best-Test Analytical Services, LLC

3394 Bell Rd. NE

Moses Lake, WA 98837


Fax: 509-766-7705

Web: www.besttestlabs.com

Email: service@besttestlabs.com

Brookside Laboratories, Inc.

200 White Mountain Drive

New Bremen, OH 45869


Fax: 419-977-2767

Web: www.blinc.com

Email: info@blinc.com

Cascade Analytical, Inc.

3019 G.S. Center Rd.

Wenatchee, WA 98801


Web: www.cascadeanalytical.com

Email: info@cascadeanalytical.com

Dairy One Forage Lab

730 Warren Rd.

Ithaca, NY 14850


Fax: 607-257-1350

Web: www.dairyone.com

Email: forage@dairyone.com

Dellavalle Laboratory, Inc.

1910 W McKinley Ave.

Fresno, CA 93728


Fax: 559-268-8174

Web: www.dellavallelab.com

Edge Analytical

540 SW Third

Corvallis, OR 97333


Fax: 541-753-4994

Web: www.edgeanalytical.com/

Email: lab@edgeanalytical.com

Kuo Testing Laboratories, Inc.

337 S First Ave.

Othello, WA 99344


Fax: 509-488-0118

1300 Sixth St., Suite J

Umatilla, OR 97882


Fax: 541-922-6435

Web: www.kuotestinglabs.com

Email: info@kuotestinglabs.com

Magic Valley Labs

210 Addison Ave.

Twin Falls, ID 83301


Fax: 208-734-2539

Email: mvlabs@cableone.net

Mukang Labs, Inc.

2526 E. St. Helens St.

Pasco, WA 99301


Fax: 509-547-4605

Web: www.mukanglabs.com

Email: services@mukanglabs.com

Northwest Agricultural Consultants

2545 W Falls Ave

Kennewick, WA 99336


Fax: 509-783-5305

Web: www.nwag.com

Email: lab@nwag.com


3344 NW Industrial St.

Portland, OR 97210


Fax: 503-223-9436

Web: http://www.omicnet.com/en/index.html

Email: sales.us@omicusa.com

Oregon State University

Soil Health Lab

3017 Ag Life Sciences

Corvallis, OR 97331

541-737-2187 (email preferred)

Fax: 541-737-1589

Web: http://cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu/shl

Email: Soil.Lab@oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University

Cooperative Chemical Analytical Laboratory

Kathy Motter

Oak Creek Bldg 254

Corvallis, OR 97331


Web: ccal.oregonstate.edu

Email: kathryn.motter@oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University
Endophyte Service Lab

139 Oak Creek Building

Corvallis, OR 97331


Web: oregonstate.edu/endophyte-lab/

Email: a.morrie.craig@oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University

Plant Disease Clinic

Melodie Putnam

1089 Cordley Hall

Corvallis, OR 97331


Fax: 541-737-2412

Web: www.plant-clinic.bpp.oregonstate.edu

Email: Melodie.Putnam@oregonstate.edu

Pacific Agricultural Laboratory

21830 SW Alexander Lane

Sherwood, OR 97140


Fax: 503-641-0644

Web: www.pacaglab.com

Email: sthun@pacaglab.com

Soiltest Farm Consultants, Inc.

2925 Driggs Dr.

Moses Lake, WA 98837


Fax: 509-765-0314

Web: www.soiltestlab.com

Email: brent@soiltestlab.com

Specialty Analytical

9011 SE Jannsen Road

Clackamas, OR 97015


Web: www.specialtyanalytical.com

Email: katherine@specialtyanalytical.com

Email: samantha@specialtyanalytical.com

Stukenholtz Laboratory, Inc.

2924 Addison Ave. E – P.O. Box 353

Twin Falls, ID 83303-0353



Fax: 208-734-3919

Web: www.stukenholtz.com

Email: frontoffice@stukenholtz.com

Table Rock Labs

419 SW 5th – P.O. Box 746

Pendleton, OR 97801


Fax: 541-276-2041

Web: http://tablerocklaboratory.com/

Email: trocklab@gmail.com

University of Idaho

Analytical Sciences Laboratory

Steven McGeeham

2222 W 6th St

Moscow, ID 83843


Fax: 208-885-8937

Web: www.uidaho.edu/asl

Email: asl@uidaho.edu

USAg Analytical Services, Inc.

1320 E Spokane St.

Pasco, WA 99301


Fax: 509-547-8645

Utah State University Analytical Lab

1400 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322


Fax: 435-797-2117

Web: www.usual.usu.edu

Email: usual@usu.edu

Waterlab Corp.

2603 12th St. SE

Salem, OR 97302


Fax: 503-363-8900

Web: www.waterlabcorp.com

Email: waterlab@comcast.net

Waypoint Analytical California, Inc.

Central CA Office

1101 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite G-173

San Jose, CA 95128


Fax: 408-727-5125

Web: www.waypointanalytical.com

Email: splab@waypointanalytical.com

Western Laboratories, Inc.

211 Hwy 95

Parma, ID 83660



Fax: 208-402-5303

Web: www.westernlaboratories.com

Email: westernl@westernlaboratories.com

William F. Black Soil Testing

503 Gardner – P.O. Box 317

Burlington, WA 98233


Fax: 360-757-6112

email: wfblacksoiltester@gmail.com


Trade-name products and services are mentioned as illustrations only. This does not mean that the Oregon State University Extension Service either endorses these products and services or intends to discriminate against products and services not mentioned.

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