Controlling Moles

Discusses the appearance, life cycle, habitat, and range of the four species of moles (Townsend's, Broad-footed, Coast, and Shrew-Mole) found in the Pacific Coast states. Explains the beneficial and negative impacts moles have on the environment, including the effects of mole mounds and burrow systems on agricultural and landscaped areas. Describes recommended methods of control, including toxic baiting, trapping, gassing with poisons, flooding, fumigating, and shooting. Includes figures that compare mole and gopher mounds and illustrate baiting and trapping methods.

Note: This publication was removed from the OSU Extension Catalog in 2015. An archived copy can be downloaded from the OSU Scholars Archive.

EC 987    Revised June 2000    4 pages


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I am going to put wire mesh around my plants to keep moles away. What hole size should I get. It comes in 1/4 and 1/2.
James schmidt
I'd go with the smaller holes. You have some insurance against smaller rodents and breakage with the smaller mesh.
Pete Petryszak

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