Growing Table Grapes

A reference for the home gardener or small-scale grower on how grapes grow; how to establish a planting; how to maintain an established planting, including pruning and training; tips for harvest; and how to reduce risk of damage to grape plants from winter cold, pests, and disease. Includes a table listing characteristics of table grape cultivars grown in Oregon, and many drawings and photographs. This publication revises and combines content from Growing Grapes in Your Home Garden (EC 1305) and Grape Cultivars for Oregon (EC 1309).

EC 1639    Published May 2011    32 pages
April 2019


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Thank you for providing this well-detailed guide to growing grapes. This has been such a mystery to me!
Richard Schindler
OMG! Thank you for this. For five years I have been afraid to cut my vines for fear of making a mistake, so I have done nothing. A spur, a cane, one-year old, new growth.... I need things labeled! And I’m a visual learner. This does it for me. Thanks again
Linda Marcella

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