Gardening with Oregon Native Plants West of the Cascades

Growing a garden in western Oregon is easier when you include native plants. That’s because native plants are adapted to our wet winters and dry summers. Native plants also provide benefits to native pollinators and other wildlife. Learn where to find native plants for your garden, how to care for them and which plants are best for pots and small gardens. This publication also includes an illustrated list of Pacific Northwest native plants that are easy to establish and grow.

EC 1577    Revised October 2022   


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Great resource
Just what I needed to incorporate natives into my backyard habitat
As a forester I have had access to, and have used, a wide variety of native plants in my landscaping -- and had varying success. Trees and shrubs do pretty well once they are established, but most of the flowers I have tried are not able to hold up against both native and non-native competitors. wild iris, tiger lilies, glacier lilies, cat's ears, and bird bills are some of my favorites in the woods, but they just aren't robust enough to stand out in my yard like I had hoped they would.
Gary Blanchard

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