The Wildlife Garden: Western Gray Squirrel (Sciurus griseus)

This publication describes squirrels and their habits. It explains what type of habitat they need and how you can provide habitat in your yard. Includes sources of additional information and fun facts.

EC 1572    Published May 2005    4 pages
April 2023


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I have a two year old black maple tree in my back yard that has been thriving. Last night a squirrel (?) stripped two large pieces of bark from the tree. We have have never had this issue in over 30 years living here and also have another black maple we planted 12 years with no issues. The yard is fenced; is this actually a squirrel problem? and what would be a reasonable solution?
Hi, This is a good question to submit to Ask an Expert: Our faculty can respond to you directly by email if you submit your question there.
Pete Petryszak

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