Acidifying Soil for Blueberries and Ornamental Plants in the Yard and Garden: West of the Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon and Washington

This publication explains the importance of soil acidity to plant growth and discusses how to modify it to ensure that rhododendrons, blueberries, and other acid-loving plants thrive in your garden.

EC 1560    Published April 2003    6 pages
July 2021


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I made a comment in the " Rhododendrons and azaleas need a strong acidic soil" article.. I have had a long experience of loosin Rod., Azaleas, and Pieris as well
Julio Freijanes...
It looks that on inorganic acids are appropriate for these acid-loving plants. Can organic acids be safely and easily be used.? I am thinking of vinegar, for example, especially the apple vinegar one, which can have probably a lower pH, I believe.
Julio Freijanes...

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