Trees to Know in Oregon and Washington

NEW! 70th Anniversary Edition! For 70 years, people have turned to one book to learn about Northwest trees. This edition expands its scope, covering even more species of trees — including several rare species native to southwest Oregon. It also updates scientific names and adds a new section on how Northwest forests are likely to be affected by changing climates. Along with all the details on native conifers, broadleaves and more than 50 ornamental trees, readers will find:

  • More than 400 full-color photos and 70 maps depicting habitat, range and forest type.
  • Easy-to-follow identification keys.
  • Handy guides to help distinguish one variety from another.
  • The story of Northwest forests — past, present and future.

EC 1450    Revised January 2021    172 pages


Average: 4.7 (84 votes)


linae pratt
My comment is I've been looking for this book for a long time. I'm glad i found it.
Bryan Jeffers
im glad i have found the book Nancy akinyi
Nancy Okumu
Great book. very easy to use.
Easy book to use for common native and introduced Oregon trees. For non-experts. With color photographs.
Dan Anderson
Great resources
Neal Mutadi
Looking forward to reading this catalog edition of tree's. Ed Jensen was one of my husband's professor's at OSU while earning his Bachelor's Degree in Forestry...
Great book, I learned so much. Looking forward to this new edition.
This will be much easier to find on my bookshelf than the 1975 version (Extension Bulletin 697), though I do love those old, whimsical illustrations.
Claudia G.
Sending to my OSU-C Forestry-Natural Resources son. As a near-graduate, this should be a handy glovebox tool.
Tammi Clark
I have a 1950 copy of Trees to Know in Oregon by Oregon State College. I've used it with my grandsons to identify trees.
patty marx
Would purchase if it were electronic (pdf)

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