Trees to Know in Oregon

A full-color field guide to tree identification in Oregon. Contains keys to identifying common conifer and broadleaf trees and discusses ornamental, shade, and fruit trees as well. For each species, provides identifying characteristics, range, and distinctive features. Includes hundreds of photos and drawings and a list of Oregon's champion trees. Indexed by common and scientific tree name. This 60th anniversary edition includes over 70 new color photos!

EC 1450    Revised November 2010    156 pages


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linae pratt
My comment is I've been looking for this book for a long time. I'm glad i found it.
Bryan Jeffers
im glad i have found the book Nancy akinyi
Nancy Okumu
Great book. very easy to use.
Easy book to use for common native and introduced Oregon trees. For non-experts. With color photographs.
Dan Anderson
Great resources
Neal Mutadi

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