Safe and Effective Use of Chain Saws for Woodland Owners

Outlines the basic principles and and safety issues of cutting down (felling) and cutting up (bucking ) trees. Covers clothing and equipment, timber-felling plans, evaluating tree-felling conditions and the target tree itself, and providing escape paths. Discusses tree-felling specifics such as sighting direction-of-fall, matching saw cuts, and making undercuts and back cuts. Describes problem trees, such as multiple stems, leaning trees, springpoles, and hangups. Explains proper bucking and limbing techniques. Includes figures and a checklist of steps to follow when felling a tree.

EC 1124    Revised June 2009    17 pages
June 2018


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I'm familiar with using a chainsaw and have fallen many trees, but this provided much useful information on how to fall problem trees safely. I've been lucky so far.
Brent Boykin-Hicks

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