Publications authored or co-authored by Bob Parker

EM 9172
Published September 2017
EM 9172-module3
Published September 2017
EM 9172-module4
Published September 2017
EM 9172-module5
Published September 2017
EM 9172-intro
Published August 2017
Cover image of "Fire Science core curriculum-Module 1"
EM 9172-module1
Published August 2017
EM 9172-module2
Published August 2017
Image of Tarif Access Tables: A Comprehensive Set publication
EC 1609
Revised April 2013
Image of Reducing Fire Risk on Your Forest Property publication
PNW 618
Published October 2010
Image of Scotch Broom publication
PNW 103
Revised July 2008
Image of Paterson's Curse in the Pacific Northwest publication
PNW 602
Published October 2007
Image of Timber Harvesting Options for Woodland Owners publication
EC 1582
Published August 2006
Image of White Campion or White Cockle publication
PNW 585
Published April 2006
cover image of "Rights-of-Way Vegetation Managment" publication
EM 8863
Published June 2004